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IMG_7700.JPGBecause we receive no government funding, we rely heavily on the support of our donors - foundations, corporations and individuals.

We couldn't do it without you and we created this short video to show you our thanks!


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2015 Gifts in Memory

In Memory of Jimmie Ainsworth

Shayne C. Abramowitz


In Memory of Snake Bailey

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Lisa Benitez

Liem P. Bui, M.D.


In Memory of Mrs. Venita Benskin

Bisel Hearing Aid Center


In Memory of Conrod Bering

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Dale Cheesman

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Mary Ann Cooley

Maureen Coley


In Memory of Ross Gerald Davenport

Sharon R. Davenport


In Memory of Charles H. Dodson, Sr.

Robert and Patricia D. Dodson


In Memory of Mary Ellen Doyle

Jane Doyle


In Memory of Nellie Foster

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Mr. Danny Grant

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Nan Halberstadt

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Zelotes "Zody" Hardin

Kandice M. Fox and Michael C. Shieh


In Memory of Bruce Harrington

Anne Harrington


In Memory of Conrad S. Hinshaw

Connie H. Brown


In Memory of Eleanor Hoffman

Margaret Hrncir


In Memory of Dr. Liz Karnicki

Paula and John Lovoi


In Memory of Ditty Kerbw

Zillah T. Oden


In Memory of Lincoln "Gene" Kilgore

Wilma and Asa R. Hearn


In Memory of Adam Landrum

Jean and Gary Landrum


In Memory of Donna Williams Martian

Cynthia and Steve Hughes


In Memory of Miriam Mattiesen

Andrea and David G. Matthiesen


In Memory of Herman "Mac" McGee

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Helmut Merz

Martha L. Armstrong


In Memory of Jesus "Chito" Montemayor

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Mr. Shott

Ms. Katherine Shott


In Memory of Dennis Page

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Charles Powers

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Leon Ray

Lois Ray


In Memory of Mrs. Mary Schmeidel

Marcia and Leslie C. Randall


In Memory of Travis L. Smith

Doug York

Laverne and James L. Boynton

Doris and Terry Looper

Charles E. Schroeder III

Mandel Selber

Judy and Chris Simon

Patricia and Thomas W. Smith

Jill and Larry Sprengel

Kay and Steve Smith


In Memory of Ashton Leigh Staner

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Dee Staner

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Memory of Dr. Bob Stout

Dianne G. Foutch

Sheryl Jorgensen and Marty Adams


In Memory of Rhozine Yeates Tucker

Neal Adams

Daphene H. Clarke

Laura Dale

Lloyd Frazier

Llewllyn and Mark Frazier

Mary M. Henderson

Barbara and Arno W. Krebs, Jr.

Legal Staff Professionals of the Midlands

Carolyn and Jack E. Little

Becky and John J. Maroul

Sally E. Muhlbach, AuD, FAAA

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Judy A. Penner

Judy Perry

Jennifer and Robert Reichek

Cindy and Jeff M. Taylor

Marietta and James Yeates


In Memory of Mr. John Warnke

Margaret Warnke-Shields


In Memory of Anna Wasson

Penny and George W. Spaid


In Memory of Bobbi Williams

Janet Alkire

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